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मंगलवार, 10 मई 2011

Fruits and medicinal properties: POMEGRANATE

·         Pomegranate is pitta shamak and kaf dosh and vat dosh shamak
·         Excellent source of vit c and antioxidant
·         The juice is immediate replenish for thirst and exhausts
·         It is free from cholesterol ,fat and sodium
Medicinal properties:
·         Peel decotion or peel powder with honey or gargles in oral ulcers and throat infections
·         Fruit for dry cough
·         Dried peel powder or the liquid ‘dadimavleh’ for hyperacidity and colitis , diarrhea
·         Antiemetic( reduces vomiting)
·         Good appetizer
·         Good haematinic ( increases Hb )
·         Useful in dysurea (painful urination)

In ayurveda this fruit is said to be pathya (good to eat) for everyone and almost every disease.
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