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शनिवार, 23 जनवरी 2016

Menstrual Cycle....

Good morning..
 Today topic ..
 Menstrual Cycle....
Topic for women's..
Are your Menses are reguler?? Menstrual cycle is monthly Natural Process It's NOT A PROBLEM...occurs in every women..
The first period usually begins between twelve and fifteen years of age, a point in time known as Menarche.They may occasionally start as early as eight, and this onset may still be normal.
The typical length of time between the first day of one period and the first day of the next is 21 to 35 days in women(an average of 28 days). Bleeding usually lasts around 3 to 5 days. At an average 4 to 5 days.
Menstruation stops occurring after menopause which usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age.
Menstrual Cycle ...Is starts average from the age 12 to last up to age of 45 average.
 Menses are natural process..of cleansing of uterus..that keep women healthy where
 Endometruim shedding's starts when Menses stops at the fifth day..And then development of ovarian follicles starts..
 Ovary are two main endocrine glands are responsible for the development of oocyte..And that development occurs from 8 th day to 14 th day..And there on 14 th day ovary rupture..And oocyte come out with life span of 24 to 42 hr..many Times ovary between 14 to 16 day of this period uterus developed with thick lining of endometrum for conceive of Zygote is just like bed formation for upcoming baby..but if sperms are not conceive in this period..then zygote is not formed and then slowly shedding of this bed of endometrum thickness over the wall of prepare from 18 to 24 the day. And then on 28 th day...shedding of endometruim we called a Menses blood..starts for 3 to 4 days...!!!
Here hormones plays very important role.
 The ovarian cycle consists of
 the follicular phase where development of ovarian follicles occurs
ovulation - rupture of ovary..And oocytes comes out.
 Luteal phase whereas the uterine cycle is divided into menstruation, proliferative phase, and secretory phase.
Many hormones like estrogen,FSH,progesterone and lutinising hormone..are plays vital role in each menstrual cycle.
In ayurveda...
 Menstrual cycle and there secreation are diagnosed by form of Menses.. And Dosha,Dhatu status and Nadi parikshana..I e.pulse Examination.
Like it should be ..
लाक्षारसशशास्राभं धौतंयच्च विरज्यते..आर्तव!
Menses should be plain reddish like rabbit blood..which can be easily washed out if it placed on clothes..
 Flow should minimum pain or without pain
If menses..comes with blackish clot with painful menstruation it's because of VATAJ DOSHA DUSTHI
IF it's comes with yellowish and burning sensation in stomach it due PITTAJ DOSHA DUAHTI
IF it come with Whitish discharge with foul smell and irreuler flow it's due to KAPHAJ DOSHA DUSTHI..
 Vat pittaj dosha...
That's all are abnormal...menses symptoms..
 If it's found then
 Consult with Doctor.
What should be do during period-
 Rest- as much as possible during menstruation. A woman's body goes through lots of changes and works hard to eliminate toxins. Even if you do have to go to work, you can make allowances for yourself -- not push quite so much, watch for opportunities to be more inward-oriented, and make a point of resting when you come home.
Rest. That's a Answer.
 lighter diet will make everything go more smoothly.
 Rice washed water..or boil rice water with slightly rock salt during menses eases good flow..And less painful.
 Avoid junk ,oily And fermented food
Take vegetable soups.. While ayurveda gives us useful guidelines such as more rest and a lighter diet, it also tells us why. These guidelines are based quite firmly on a science of balance that identifies three basic elements in the physiology -- Vata, Pitta and Kapha -- and a number of sub-elements. Health entails keeping Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the right balance.
Symptoms of a Vata imbalance during the premenstrual period are anxiety, nervous tension, mood swings and feeling "spaced out." For Pitta, however, the mood is more anger and irritation. Kapha, as always is typified by lethargy.
As one might expect, women with a Vata imbalance get the best results from rest, meditation,pranayam.
 Those with a Pitta imbalance respond best to monthly internal cleansing, and those with a Kapha imbalance fine that herbal supplements and a diet that reduces impurities have the best result.
Menstrual cycle is Not Problem.
 It's An Natural Process for purity of health in women..
If any disturbance in menstrual
 ...painful menstrual
 Delay in menstrual
 Early menstrual..
 Heavy menstrual with bleeding..
 Reguler white discharges..
 Headache,backache,breast tenderness,weakness..
 That all leads to primary infertility..And soon consult the Doctor.
So take care..And consult with Register Gyanecologist...or
 For ayurvedic consultation..consult with Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner..
Sai ram.
Vaidya Sachin maruti bhor
 Sainath Ayurveda
 Thane/ Pune.

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