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सोमवार, 29 अगस्त 2016

Fight the Weight



Fight the Weight

One fine day a lady colleague looks at your tummy and throws a funny smile. Upset....Upset.....Upset....... Whole day no work, eyes stuck on only two things, desktop on the desk (seen but not watched) and tummy below chest (with metahuman vision).

Increased weight is a next gen disease. And there are tons of solutions. And in today's era, any info is at your fingertips. So are the health tips.

What to do, what to do. Will pull the tummy in and hold till she is around. But can't breath properly then every time she passes by. Like Men will be men, style.
Oh yea, I had the solution in front of my eyes all the time. My computer. Let's ask uncle Google. He has got so many solutions.

Then what are we waiting for, lets begin the Battle of Loosing.

Lets see what Uncle Google has for us;
Cutting fat rich diet, having protein rich diet, low sugar diet, Carb re-feed once a week, controlled callories, drinking water, eating fibres, unprocessed food etc etc etc.......

Oh, my God, I am gonna get a flat tummy in a week if I do all these things. I am gonna show that babe what a Dude I actually am. Okay, lets start. But........can't do all these things at once, How to manage it with all my work? I will try one after another. Okay, Protein rich diet first, let me gain some energy to work out, proteins means energy. Oh, wait how to seperate proteins from fats? Let me have it together for now, will manage fats with workout. And it goes on, odd even love for weight loss tips...... till he realises he is ill now, something worse than his bulging tummy.

Your colleague babe will give a good smile for a while, but your Doctor will be happier than your colleague to have you as a permanent patient.

Before going for any weight loss plan, consult your Vaidya for suitable treatment and procedure, because he knows it better. Doing things with our own wish isn't a smart decision. Esp when it comes to health.

If you want to loose weight, there are better ways to follow. But that needs will power. Build one and you will surely Win the battle of Loosing.

Will see the good ways and bad ways to loose weight in #Ayurved_For_You.

©Vaidya Amit Pal
Shree Vyankatesh Ayurved