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रविवार, 15 मई 2011



Ayurveda is known for it’s own specialties.
Today the whole world is affected with different diseases. Modern medicines fail to treat the patients satisfactorily in-spite of many researches and latest technologies because of their hazardous side effects AYURVEDA the science of life, provides many other alternative ways to tackle with such disorders successfully.
Not only treating unhealthy individuals,
Ayurveda mainly helps to maintain the healthy state of mind and body.
Ayurveda holds good even today though it was written thousands of years ago.
Ayurveda explains SWARNA BINDU PRASHANA while Modern medicine explains about vaccines.
Vaccines produce immunity against specific diseases where as swarna bindu prashana produces non specific immunity along with many other effects.







Ka. Su. 18/ 4-5

This reference gives us the idea about

What are the ingredients used for Swarna bindu prashana?
What is their importance?
To whom it should be done?
For what period it should be done?
What are its effects?

Ingredients Of Swarna Bindu Prashana

Swarna bindu prashana contains three ingredients.
A ) Suddha medhya aushadhi siddha ghruta.
B ) Shuddha swarna bhasma.
C) Shuddha madhu.


Madhu is collection of pollen grains by bees. Inday today life it is observed that pollen grains acquire a great percentage in producing allergic reactions leading to many diseases.
The main reason for using madhu in Swarna bindu prashana is that when madhu is administered in low doses in childhood itself then child gradually develops resistance for allergens and it remains unaffected by allergens.


Suvarna is one of the shreshta medhya dravyas explained in ayurveda. Kashyapacharya in lehana vidhi adhyaya explains that suvarna should be used in lehana karma. As suvarna is a metal’ it can’t be administered directly. So suvarna is made into bhasma and used. This suvarna bhasma is laghu gunatmaka, easy for absorption and assimilation.It is also medha vardhaka.When it is administered in very low doses for a particular time it is known to potentiate the memory power along with immunity.


Ghruta has the unique property of acquiring the gunas of dravyas which are added to it. Medhyaushadhis like manduka parni, brahmi, guducchi , yashtimadhu, vacha etc are added to ghruta and according to the procedure it is prepared. This ghruta is useful in potentiating the mental ability.
According to ayurveda ( A.SAM. SU virudhannapaneeya adhyaya):
Ghruta and madhu mixed in equal quantity acts as visha. This same theory is used in Swarna bindu prashana. Madhu and ghruta in equal doses is given at regular intervals. This develops resistance in the body for any type of visha. In other WORDs it produces immunity.

To whom it should be done?

It can be done only in children below the age of 5 years. Because during this period only the brain growth is maximum.

For what period it should be done?

It should be done minimum for 6 months to 1 year.

By swarna prashana child develops medha (mental ability), agni (digestive power), bala, aayu vardhana, it is also mangalakara, punya, vrushya, varnya, ghuha baadha nashaka. If swarna prashana is done for 1 month then child will be parama medhavi, remains unaffected by vyadhi. If done for 6 months then child will be shruta dhara ( remembers what he hears)

Swarna is known to increase immunity of cells
& brings sthairya (stability) to cells
as Gold itself does not react because of which we can wear gold items without need to polish it where as Silver, copper & other metals react & needs to be polished.

Also Gold attracts lot of positive energy (has been proved) because of which in Indian tradition wearing of Gold has been advised.

Hence Gold is very useful as Immune booster.
And as far as the using of Gold is concerned either Swarna in bhasma form (from genuine companies) can be used or Ghrit siddhi with Gold can be done.

Sanskar of Gold have very beneficial effects.

According to susruta-sarir 10/15,

One can give lehan of suvarna bhasma
with madhu and ghrit
after cutting cord in jatkarma sanskar.!!!

* In ayurveda
three groups of 'infectious diseases' are described:

१. जनपदोध्व्न्स (epidemic / endemic diseases)
२. संक्रमिक ( contagious)
३. ग्रह रोग ( sporadic cases of infective nature due to ग्रह अभिषंग)

Thus comes into play role of ' मधु-घृत-सुवर्ण'

1. equal quantity of मधु-घृत is मात्रा विरुद्ध.
As per the research data;
emulsification takes place in their equal quantity
which provides better synergistic action of the drug.
Its antigenic behavior seems to be having similar property like vaccination,
i.e. why it is mentioned under 'जातकर्म संस्कार'.
Hence it may be expected that its antigenic effect may produce certain antibodies and remain inside the immune cells to protect from multiplication of different organisms.

2. मधु contains allergens like pollens,yeast,some enzymes,conc.sugar base with water conc.

3. WHEREAS घृत contains lipid allergens like chylomicrons.
Hence it may be concluded that the two allergen substances may turn to antibody after compromising with body immune cells against similar types of allergens and may have synergistic action.

-Different experimental studies suggest that in honey media: yeast, bacteria (gram -ve), salmonella species are in -static form, in lipid media also the multiplication of some organisms are not possible.

4. सुवर्ण is proved as having bacterial action against different organisms but when it is mixed with मधु+ घृत,
it widens its spectrum of action to stimulate body immune cells.

=>> thus can be given as " रक्षोघन औषध"
* By Dr. Munish Sood

# Suvarnabhasma is blackish or reddish in color.
It is Snigdha,
Madhur, Kashay,
Sheet virya &
acts as Rasayana.

The properties of Suvarna r -

1) Hridya
2) Vishaghna
3) Rajayakshma
4) Urakshat
5) Pittaj & Kaphaj Unmad
6) Pittaj & Vata - Pittaj Shwas Kas
7) Pittajnya prameha.
8) Vrushya.
9) Raktaprasadak.

Generally Suvarna bhasma is said to act like a catalyst.

In some studies it has been seen that,
Suvarna bhasma does not get absorbed in the body,
this is a matter of research.

Suvarna bhasma acts on Vata & Pitta doshagat vyadhi.

It have better benefits on -

Rasa Dhatu,
Rakta Dhatu,
Mansa Dhatu &
Shukra Dhatu.

# Dr. Gandhi Sachin


Indications for treatment

• All the Children are of age group of 1 day to 5 years.
• Children with low Immunity.
• Children with low Intellect.
• Children with low Memory Power.
• Children with learning difficulties.

Contradictions =>>

• Children suffering from fever.
• Children suffering from dysentery.
• Children suffering from diarrhea.
• Children suffering from Indigestion.

Procedure: ==>>

1 Make the doubts clear, which are asked by parents regarding Swarna Bindu Prashana.

2 As per the Indication check the condition of child, and ask parents about Health of child.

3 Fill the details of child in the registration card as per details as Name, Address, etc.

4 Check the height and weight of the baby.

5 Make the Swarna Bindu vial warm so it could be liquefied correctly.

6 Shake the vial so that the deposited gold Bhasma should mix universally with Medicated Gratha.

7 *Put 3 drops of Swarna Bindu. And put 3 drops of Honey after the Swarna Bindu.

8 Inform the parents to not to give any eatables to the child till half an hour.


according to hindu shastra there is a practice of purchasing gold on the day of pushya nakshatra as it is ospious day.and the theorey of ravana says that all the nakshatras have there own effect on different matereals.the rays radiating or emerging on the day of pushya nakshatra doubles the medicinal values present in the gold and also among all the nakshatras only pushya nakshatra is only the purusha pradhana nakshatra. so considering all these points we are giving swarna bindu prashana on pushya nakshatra .

$ Dr. M G Jedar

By :
वैद्य प्र. प्र. व्याघ्रसुदन

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