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Besides Panch Karmas, there is a wide range of therapeutic procedures which are equally unique and reliable for the concerned purposes.
In brief, I am presenting these one by one for your kind look as below. All these Karmas are originated from Ayurved.


In Ayurved, there is a good answer for Frozen Shoulder, Stiff and Painful Joints. Corns, Warts also can be cured with it. It gives INSTANT relief.
It is my favorite 'Agni Karma'.

A proper location is decided by Vaidya as per the disease. Intellect and experience of Vaidya add surity in this procedure. A metalic rod of specific size & shape  i.e. Agnikarma Shalaka is heated uptill it becomes red-hot. Then it is touched at the desired location. It is kept in contact with the skin not more than 10 seconds in each application.

After the procedure Aloe juice or Ghee or Turmeric powder is applied to the burnt area. The Shalaka is a specially prepared instrument having the tip made from Gold / Silver / Copper / Iron / Alloy of 5 metals.    

This Karma must be performed under supervision of an Able Vaidya.

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