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Male Impotence

Male impotence is the inability for sexual intercourse due to one of the many reasons including erectile dysfunction and inability to ejaculate semen. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 40 million men each year in US. Most of the men in their 40s experience this problem but it is short lived. In case the problem of impotence, low sexual drive and premature ejaculation persists for a longer period of time then you must visit your doctor.

Male Impotence Symptoms (Erectile Dysfunction)

Not to maintain the erection or no erection at all is the main male impotence symptom. Although this condition occurs in every male's life at one or other point of time but if this condition is prevalent for more than 25% of your sexual activity time then for sure it is the male impotence symptom. Because of this there is an inability to complete the sexual intercourse. Other symptoms of erectile dysfunctions:
  • • Erectile dysfunction
  • • Low sexual drive
  • • Premature ejaculation
  • • Failure to reach orgasm

Apart from these there are many associated symptoms of male impotence that include harshness in relationship, social withdrawal, low self esteem and stress. The stress can further leads to other problems life blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Causes of Male Impotence

Erection of the penis occurs because of more blood flow in the blood vessels of the penis. The blood vessels enlarges in that area making it in erectile position. This begins with the nerve impulses from the brain, then to spinal cord and lastly to the area surrounding penis. With sexual activities, these nerve impulses started to work and then the fibrous tissue, muscles and veins responds to that stimulus causing the penis to erect. But if these signals are disrupted then the male impotence or erectile dysfunction occurs.
  • • In other cases the male impotence can be because of some disease like diabetes, sclerosis, chronic alcoholism, neural disorder and kidney disease.
  • • Any recent surgery can also cause the impotency in male.
  • • Injury to the area close to penis, spinal cord, pelvis and bladder may also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • • Some of the prescription drugs that affect the nervous system can cause male impotence. Most commonly this include tranquilizers, antidepressant and blood pressure medicines.
  • • Enlarged prostrate gland, infection or cancer of prostrate gland can lead to the male impotence.

Ways to Diagnose Male Impotence and Low Sexual Drive

Visit you physician if you think that you are suffering from male impotence and premature ejaculation. You will have to go through series of tests and exams for the proper diagnoses of the problem. For this your medical as well as sexual history will be studied and checked. Be sure to tell your physician the details associated with the problem irrespect to your embarrassment that for sure you will feel. To diagnose erectile dysfunction your medical conditions will also be checked. One out of every four men who suffer from male impotence, drug interference is the main cause of the problem.

You will have to undergo a physical examination. It is possible that your penis does not respond to touch. If this is the case then there is a problem with nervous system. Apart from this there can be harmonal problem that are visible from the other characteristics like breast enlargement and hair problem. In this case the problem lies with the endocrine system.

You may have Peyronie's disease in which the penis bends to one side or slightly curved leading to erectile dysfunction.

Apart from this to diagnose male impotence, low sexual drive and premature ejaculation series of test are done that include blood count level, urine test, liver enzymes, and creatinine measurements.

It is quiet possible that there is no physiological reason for this problem and you may be suffering from psychological problem. For this also main cause of the problem is discovered and the actual cause of male impotence is discovered. To reach at the root cause your sexual partner may also be interviewed by your physician.

Male Impotence Home Remedies

Eating balanced diet, non smoking, doing regular exercise, not consuming too much alcohol, taking proper rest and sleep and not taking medicine without a reason can solve much of the problem.
  • Garlic has extraordinary ability and very beneficial for treating male impotence and low sexual drive. It has dramatic aphrodisiac affect. Chew two to three cloves of raw garlic daily.
  • • If you can find the white variety of onions then eat these to strengthen your reproductory organs and for more libido. It is also an aphrodisiac food.
  • • To increase the sexual stamina consume 150 gm of carrot. Chop the carrots and have a half boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey daily for a month to cure male impotence in ayurvedic way.
  • • In ancient Indian literature importance of lady' finger for forever sexual vigour has been mentioned clearly. A person should take five to ten grams of root powder of lady's finger with a glass of milk along with two tablespoon of finely grounded mishri.
  • • To cure premature ejaculation and male impotence take one tablespoon of ginger juice with half boiled egg and honey at night before going to bed daily for a month.
  • Restore your sexual vigour with black raisins Boil these in milk. Eat this and consume milk after this. Start taking 30 gm of raisins and 200 mil of milk three times a day. The quantity of raisins should increase to 50 gm.

Ayurvedic Treatments of Male Impotency

  • • Get vigorous full body massage. It is highly beneficial for muscular and nervous system.
  • • Take cold hip bath in morning and evening. This will stimulate the pelvic region that controls the nerves of genital organs.
  • • Apart from this exercise, balanced diet intake, fresh air are highly recommended to treat male impotence.


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