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Besides Panch Karmas, there is a wide range of therapeutic procedures which are equally unique and reliable for the concerned purposes.
In brief, I have presented them one by one for your kind look as below. All these Karmas are originated from Ayurved.


Administration of specific medicinal Oil or Ghrit or Decoction right into the Urinary Bladder or Uterus is stated as Uttar Basti.

This procedure is performed with extreme care and with great skill for some Urinary disorders, Infertility - Seminal disorders in males;
while Uttar Basti given in Uterus is useful for Rajo dosha, Yoni vyapad which are main causes for infertility in females.

Recurrent male urethral strictures can be cured at ease with this Karma. It has encouraging results in Patients of PCOD and Tubal Blockages. It also relieves Pain in Vagina & Uterus.

Normal Physiology of reproductive system can be well achieved with this procedure, done with all asceptic measures. 

Any Karma must be performed under supervision of an Able Vaidya.

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