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Besides Panch Karmas, there is a wide range of therapeutic procedures which are equally unique and reliable for the concerned purposes.
In brief, I am presenting these one by one for your kind look as below. All these Karmas are originated from Ayurved.


Application of medicinal fumes is a speciality of Ayurved. Wounds, Vagina, Anal orifice are the destination portions for 'Dhoop' (medicated fumes). Various complications in wounds, some vaginal disorders, anal disorders like haemorrhoids can be cured to some extent with fumes of specific herbs and other organic materials.

Some evidences have shown a curative action of medicinal fumes on pregangrenous tissues also. All such experiments need proper attention and practical research with documentation by reputed health institutes.

Dhoopan is also advocated by Ayurved for the sterilization of clothes, bed and the whole compartment of a newborn baby. Such herbal fumigation is also indicated for medicines storage room, operation theatre and patient's recovery room as well.

Practically, Dhoopan can play an important role, when Epidemics occur, like Swine Flu etc. Diseases like Amavat (RA), wet type of Skin diseases and Pratishyaya (Sinusitis) need specific type of Dhoopan. The tradition of 'Agnihotra' and various Yagyas in ancient periods are one sort of Dhoopan, as per my thinking.

Any Karma must be performed under supervision of an Able Vaidya.

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