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शुक्रवार, 19 फ़रवरी 2016

Salient features of Visarpa

Salient features of Visarpa :
Doshah trayo malaah ; Doshaah trayo malaa iti atra dosha shabden eva vaataadi praaptau malaa iti *ati artham dushtyaam shareera malineekaranatvam pratipaadayitum uktam .. uktam cha anyatra -Shareera dooshanaat doshaa malineekaranaat malaah , dhaaranaat dhatavah cha syuh vaata pitta kaphah trayah.. acharya chakrapani on ch.chi 21/15.. in case of visarpa , severe vitiation of tridosha occurs with involvement of rakta, laseekaa, tvak , maansa.. the vitiation of dosha is not only severe also with sudden onset and hence disease manifests acutely ; visharpanasheelaih dosheh visarpaah.. the same seven components involve in kushtha but with delayed manifestation of disease.. it shows that antibody mediated reactions are predominant in visarpa and cell mediated immunity ( T cells ) in kushtha…Marmopaghaataat ; marma iti hridayam ( acharya chakrapani on ch.chi 21/26).. visarpa if appears with full blown features may be fatal.. in this context anaphylaxis can be understood ; life threatening anaphylactic response of a sensitized human appears within minutes after systemic exposure to specific antigen and is manifested by respiratory distress due to laryngeal edema and/or intense bronchospasm , often followed by vascular collapse , or by shock without antecedent respiratory difficulty . Pruritus and urticaria with or without angioedema are characteristics. Nausea vomiting crampy abdominal pain , and diarrhea are due to GIT upset.. courtesy ; Charak samhita with chakrapani commentary and Harrison’s internal medicine..
.Prof. Dr. Satyendra Narayan Ojha ,
MD (KC), Ph.D.
Director , Yashawant ayurveda college , Post graduate teaching and research center ,
Kodoli ,Panhala , Kolhapur..
 drsnojha@rediffmail. com

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