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शुक्रवार, 19 फ़रवरी 2016


In cases of vipaadikaa , 
    I use combination of trifala daarvi khadir haridra nimba patola yashtimadhu saarivaa manjistha and kushtha mixed with water to make paste for local application , twice in a day . orally gandhaka Rasayan vati 250 mg bid , kamadudha 250 mg bid.. Today , my one elder female patient of vipaadikaa came on follow up , after 15 days treatment.. Almost all fissures in skin of both feet have been healed , slight roughness of skin is remained.. She had severe fissures with sometimes bleeding , and unable to walk due to pain since 1 year.. She was treated by too many physicians (dermatologist too ) , but disease was progressive .. I observed that bad hygiene , not caring feet , bare feet walking , agriculture work etc are common causes of vipaadikaa in rural population. Taking care of local hygiene is need to explain to each and all patients of vipaadikaa.. Soaps are also found as one of cause , in those cases soaps especially clothe washing soaps must be avoided.. I randomly select the cases of vipaadikaa for local application either with gandhaka malahara , or sarjarasa malahara , or above combination . I find the above mentioned combination is better than these two malahara.. In few cases I used above mentioned combination and gandhaka malahara both separately to apply twice a day ( total 4 times ) , result is better , but inconvenience to apply four times restrict the patients to continue the same on all's curable disease , subject to patient's cooperation to follow the instructions..

.Prof. Dr. Satyendra Narayan Ojha ,
MD (KC), Ph.D.
Director , Yashawant ayurveda college , Post graduate teaching and research center ,
Kodoli ,Panhala , Kolhapur..
 drsnojha@rediffmail. com

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