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बुधवार, 5 अक्तूबर 2011

Diabetes type 2 can be cured

ype 2 diabetes is characterized by peripheral insulin resistance with an insulin-secretory defect that varies in severity. For type 2 diabetes mellitus to develop, both defects must exist: all overweight individuals have insulin resistance, but only those with an inability to increase beta-cell production of insulin, proportionate to insulin resistance develop diabetes type 2.

For eg if the required insulin is 100% and if there is no insulin resistance, no need of additional insulin secretion by pancreas, on the other hand if there is 30% insulin resistance then beta cells has to secrete additional 30%, so total insulin will be 70% normal insulin, 30% resistance insulin and other 30% additional insulin, so totally 130%. Usually beta cells can produce up to 60-80% additional insulin, when the insulin resistance crosses this level diabetes type 2 results in.

This process is influenced by genetic factor, life style, occupational hazards, stress, and many other multi factors.

How the modern medicine works in Diabetes type 2:
Most of the modern medicines by enzymatic actions influence the excess synthesis of insulin. The main drawback is normally insulin is released once in 5 minutes, immediately after taking food etc. But when hypoglycemic drugs were taken this will be released at once, that is why even today controlling diabetes just by taking hypoglycemic drug is always not so easy.

What should be the treatment?
Improving the insulin resistance is the treatment.

How this can be achieved?
By starvation and exercise.

Whether this will harm?
If this starvation is done systematically, this can be achieved without harming our body.

What exactly starvation means?
Here starvation means reducing carbohydrate to less than 40% in our diet. Only complex carbohydrates should be taken those with low glycemic index and high fibre content. Proprotionat mono unsaturated fat and protein should be added to the diet.
Here fat should be in higher side to protect brain. Those who are lean must take excess of fat to protect brain. Other than glucose, ketone body is the only source of energy for brain. When scarcity for carbohydrate occurs, at first insulin stimulates fat breakdown, which releases fatty acids, triglycerides and ketone bodies. Hence in obese patients no need to take excess fat.
Diet must include atleast 350 to 550 ml of milk in vegetarians and fish or meat in non vegetarians. Red meat is better but taking fish with little red meat is better.
Abundant green vegetables and low calorie vegetables should be taken.
Direct glucose, sucrose etc should be reduced to zero. Daily exercise brisk walking for more than 20 minutes.
The above diet should be continued for 1.5 years, positive result can be seen within three weeks, reversal can be seen after 6th or 8th month. But we don’t know exactly in whom reversal is possible and in whom it is not possible.

Is there any patients who already did this diet?
Yes we have totally four patients who got cured of the condition.
One is myself. I found diabetic at the age of 32. I became panic and started aggressive diet. My RBS was 240. Immediately after starting diet it came to 160-180, fasting ot 128-135 mg/dl. I continued the diet and I was observing my FBS almost on alternate days and PPBS once in 15 days. Gradually my FBS started falling down like 124 for 15-30 days then to 110-115 level, then to 100-110 level and after 8th month FBS was always between 70 and 80mg/dl. I continued the same diet for 1.5 years. During this period my weight fell down to 58 kg form 72kg. Then I stopped the diet and started taking all sweets and normal foods and in the same diet since then. Now my weight is 66-66.5 kg. Now FBS usually between 90-102, and PPBS always between 110-128mg/dl. Along with diet I also took Diabenil tablet our own preparation with more than 18 herbs and Jasada bhasma.

We conducted free diabetes cure camp about 1.5 years back. 70 patients were attended and only 16 patients could start the diet and only 3 patients could continue the diet beyond 3 weeks. All the three got cured, aged 51, 53 and 65 yr old - female, female and male patient.

But this can not be applied for Type 1 diabetes where only external insulin is the hope for the patient.
Jayagovinda Ukkinadka

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