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सोमवार, 30 जनवरी 2012

Panchabhautik Chikitsa- A Novel Approach To Ayurveda

Panchabhautik Chikitsa- A Novel Approach To Ayurveda

When I first went to see vaidyaraj atmaram waman datarshastri; I was having least faith on concepts and effectiveness of ayurvedic management. The so called study in the college has created enough confusion regarding basic considerations about dosha-dhatu-mala; diagnostic approach of dashvidh pariksha and management aspects of panchakarma and other therapies. I enquired about treatment of AAMAVAT, with due mixture of rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis in mind. He confidently said that, it’s easy to treat once the tenderness of MUTRAPINDA (region of urinary bladder on abdomen) is reduced. I was shocked and amazed with this answer. But, as I decided to stick with PANCHABHAUTIK CHIKITSA, I could slowly realize the reasons behind his confidence and success in treating the most critical of conditions.
With a long enough experience of 20 years, here is a list of reasons, a vaidya should study and learn PANCHABHAUTIK CHIKITSA.

IT INSTILLS CONFIDENCE IN TREATMENT – When a patient approaches a vaidya, there is always a grey area about where to start. Vd. Datarshastri has laid down methodical guidelines in examining, diagnosing and then treating patients.

THE FUN OF PREAPRING OUR OWN MEDICINES – He was a great believer in preparing his own medicines. The special consideration about rise and decline of AGASTI STAR was his great thought. So, he prepared medicines from mid-november to mid-may to get benefits of HANSODAKA. He experimented a lot in designing various methods for preparing drugs. The procedure of VARANGAKA KSHAR was his own invention. In case of kupipakwa rasayanas, TAMRA SINDUR AND RAJAT SINDUR were a great experiences.

SIMPLE FORMULATIONS – He always described himself as a follower of CHARAKA, and was inclined to use single drug remedies. Many of his formulations are derived from SHARANGDHARA, YOGRATNAKARA. He was master of RASASHASTRA, but, excessively used herbal formulations.

MINIMUM DOSES – The doses he used is a mystery for young vaidyas and patients as well. The doses range from 20 – 100 mgs only. 

UNIQUE THOUGHTS IN EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL APPLIANCE OF DRUGS – He has narrated unique thoughts about using drugs. CHATURTHAKA YOGA for worm infestation was given with jaggery, to attract worms to it. Externally, use of SHIGRU, KUKKUTNAKHI, RAJANI TAIL, gives us a new dimension of thinking process.

AFFORDABLE TO PATIENTS AND PROFITABLE TO VAIDYAS – As the formulations are more of herbal origin, single drug dominant, with less doses, the cost reduces considerably to the patients. On the other hand, when we prepare medicines ourselves, the profitability in terms of quality, doses, effectiveness and lastly.. money, icreases many a folds.

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO CHALLENGES OF NEW AGE – The world is changing fast and many doubt the relevance of ayurveda in today’s world. The causative factors, diet, lifestyle, etc. has changed dramatically in last 5000 years. He has worked in adding aspect of intellectual and emotional stress to the presentation of diseases and suggested solutions to it. He was of opinion that the new disease conditions arising day-by-day should be properly understood and then can be managed by PANCHABHUTIK CHIKITSA.

Well, the life and work of Vaidya datarshastri is unique in many aspects. We can study and learn his approach towards ayurveda for better patient care.

Vd.Aniruddha Kulkarni

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