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शुक्रवार, 14 जनवरी 2011

Curry leaves

Curry leaves : medicinal properties

curry leaves has refreshing aroma and taste. As the name suggest it is and should be used  abundantly  in various curries
medicinal properties :
·       Curry leaves improve digestion
·       Fresh juice useful in bilious vomiting
·       Regular intake reduces the possibility of diabetes having genetic history of the same
·       Improved digestion and assimilation further help for weight management
·       Its is supposed to be beneficial in cataract
·       It is an excellent hair tonic .  Intake and also medicated oil with curry leaves improves hair growth and delays graying of hairs
·       It has antioxidant properties.
Using curry leaves in various forms:
·       Boil curry leaves while making various soups, dal and curries
·       Prepare fresh chutney of curry leaves with coconut, coriander and cumin
·       Eat tender fresh curry leaves in morn
·       Dry them in shadow and use powder

Next time think twice before lifting and keeping aside those curry leaves from the curry .
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