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गुरुवार, 14 जून 2012

Conceptual Review of Ojovardhan: In Preventive Cardiology

According to “Cardio- Vascular Disease Trends in India” presented by ‘Escort Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, India – 1) Cases of CVD (cardio-vascular diseases) may increases from about 2.9 crore in 2000 to as many as 6.4 crore in 2015 , And deaths from CVD will also be doubled 2) The prevalence rate of CVD among younger adults is also likely to increase. This study shows that the rate of CVD i.e. Hrudrog is increasing rapidly, Also in young generation. World Health Organisation says that use of tobacco, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity increases risk of heart attack and stroke. Also extreme exertion and emotion can spark repeated heart attacks. And prevalence rate of CVD in ruralpopulation will remain lower than that of urban population. From the above refferences, we can conclude that the changes in life style and habits of urban population such as daily exertion , stress ,tension, eating fast food, tobacco chewing and smoking , alcohol consumption may be responsible for increase in the rate of heart diseases. In Ayurveda, Hruday (heart) is site of Oja. At the time of organogenesis, this oja comes in to heart and maintain Pran in Sharira. And it provides Bala and Sthairya to heart. The causes and symptoms of Ojokshaya and that of Hrudroga described in Samhitas are almost similar. Ojokshay causes and symptoms:- Hrudroga Hetu:- Hrudroga Causes Ojokshaya Causes and symptoms (Su.Su.15/30) Ativyayama Atishrama Bibheti Bhaya Chinta,Traasa Vyathetendriya Karshana Ruksho,Bhavetksham Abhighaat Abhighaat As causes and symptoms of Ojokshaya are similar to causes of Hrudroga , the Persons having Ojokshaya are more prone to suffering from Hrudroga. The change in life style and habits are likely to be same as that of causes of Ojokshay which include:- Atishram- Daily exertion, Chinta - stress, tension, Krodh – angar In Charak Chikitststhan 24, it is described that the Gunas of Madya (alcohol) are opposite to all Gunas of Oja.Thus consumption of alcohol leads to Ojokshay and can form pathogenesis in heart. Guna of tobacco are also opposite to that of Oja such as Vyvayi , Vikasi , Ruksha , Vishad , Ushna these Guna of tobacco are opposite to Sthir, Shlakshna , Snigdha, Pichchhila, and Sheeta of Oja. So chewing or smoking of tobacco can cause Ojokshay and may lead to Hrudroga . According to Samanya Vishesh Siddhanta , above factors can cause Ojokshaya . Due to Ojokshaya in the body, the Bala and Sthir Guna in heart decreases and thus increases the risk of Hrudroga. So , for prevention from Hrudrog , the Bala and Sthir Guna should be increased in heart. And to enhance the Bala and Sthir Guna of heart, the Ojokshaya should be prevented or corrected and for that Ojovardhan dravyas should beused in daily routine . Kshir (Cow’s milk), Jivaniya Gana (Jivanti,Jivak,Madhuk etc), Ghrit (ghee), Mansras are indicated in Ojokshaya. In Sushuta, the treatment which is in favour of Oja such as Rasayana-Vajikarana is indicated. It enhance the quality of Oja as Gunas of these dravyas are similar to that of Oja. So according to Samanya-Vishesh Siddhant they increase Oja which responsible for Bala and Sthir Guna in heart. Thus the concept of Ojovardhan in prevention of cardiac diseases can be clinically witnessed. (References: - Cha.Su.17/77, Cha.Su.17/74, Cha.Su.30/13, Cha.Chi.26/77, Ash.Hru.Su11/33, Su.Su.15/32,33, Cha.Chi.24/37-40) Author :*Vd. Nitin P.Sarode. Dept of Kriya Sharir, S.S.A .Mahavidyalaya. ** Vd.V.R.Veer. Guide & Reader, Kriya sharir Dept.

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