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बुधवार, 29 जून 2011

Mode of Living During Menstruation-

From the day of onset of menstruation, the woman should follow the rules for the betterment of her health.

Should observe chastity
Avoid sleeping in daytime
Application of collyrium
Shedding of tears
Paring of nails
Fast racing
Excessive talking
Excessive exercise

Should sleep on a bed made of Darbha (specific sacred leafy plant) spread over ground
Should eat meal prepared with rice with ghee and milk/meal prepared with barley and milk
Use of nasal drops, sudation, emesis therapy and other purification therapies are contraindicated
Should avoid pungent, hot, salty substances

After the fourth day, she should take complete body bath and wear white/new garments with garlands etc.

Vd.Jitesh Pathak

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