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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, in which the skin surface covers with dark red scaly patches. People between the age group 14 and 32 years are more prone to this disease. Psoriasis generally attacks on genital and surrounded area, underarms, scalp, elbows, and ear. Psoriasis can be caused due to many reasons. It can be due to infection or may be due to stress. The extent of psoriasis varies from person to person. Some patients have psoriasis in selective parts of their body, while some have their entire body affected due to this. Psoriasis attacks specially those who consume lots of junk food, has w eak metabolic activity, and suffer from bacterial infections. It also attacks those who live a stressful life or suffer from high blood pressure. In ayurveda psoriasis is known as kitabh, a disease that is included in kushth roga. This article will explain different aspects of psoriasis, its cause, symptoms and ayurvedictreatments/home remedies.

Psoriasis Causes

The major psoriasis causes are skin infection, stressful lifestyle, over emotional nature. Various researches also proved that there are certain blood cells in our body which when become impulsive and hyperactive cause psoriasis. These blood cells cause allergy to the skin and also cause other skin-related diseases. There are people who cannot adjust in certain temperature and climate, and suffer from skin disease like psoriasis. Psoriasis can also be a side effect or reaction of the consumption of strong drugs and medicine. People suffering from asthma, poor digestive system, weak immune system, also suffer from psoriasis.

Psoriasis Diet

Diet rich in green vegetables like cucumber, carrot, etc., fruits, are good for psoriasis patient. It is also found that patient who lives on fruit-based diets for a month experiences much better result than any other medicine. Common fruits used in the diet are beets, grapes, cucumber, etc. Once the fruit-based diet is over, go for balanced diet containing cereals, grams, green leafy vegetables, juicy fruits, etc. Also include cheese, curd, etc. Junk food, oily and spicy foods should be strictly avoided. Milk products, egg, caffeine, chocolates, sugar, etc., are a big no for psoriasis patient.
Taking bath in sea water is very good for the psoriasis treatment. Similarly, taking bath in Epsom salt or oatmeal containing water is also good. Remember do not use chemical-based soaps as it will make the problem severe and painful. Another thing is do not bath too much, bathing 3-4 times a day. Always dry your body with soft, clean towel after bath.
Similarly, gentle massage over the infected area using avocado or cashewnut oil is very good for the treatment of psoriasis.
Band gobhi (Cabbage)
Green leafy cabbage is one of the best home remedy for psoriasis. This is used as a covering for the infected area. Take the outermost layer of a cabbage, clean it using warm water. Rinse all the extra water by pressing between a towel. Once the leaf is dried, spread it on the slab, and flatten it by pressing with hand or any other thing available at home. Warm the leaf and gently cover it over the infected area. Cover it with a clean cloth. This process should be repeated for 3-4 times a day for the period when the infected area is not fully recovered.
Apart from the above mentioned home remedies, given below are some of the other important things that can be done to get relief from psoriasis. Give your body enough sunlight, i.e., Vitamin D, however, not excess. Always use clean soft towel to dry your body completely after bath, use good quality moisturizer, there are many natural herb based moisturizer available in the market. However, you may also prepare some moisturizer at your home.

Psoriasis Symptoms

Patient suffering from psoriasis experiences severe itching in the skin, dark red patches over and around the infected skin area. Patient may feel stressful, irritated, and helpless. Psoriasis patient also experiences headache, weak memory, bad body smell, etc.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis - Psoriasis Treatment

Given below are some of the effective and useful home remedies for the psoriasis treatment. However, it is not necessary that all these below mentioned remedies will be effective for every psoriasis patient.

Dahi (Curd)

Make fresh glass of buttermilk from curd and drink 2-3 times a day. Buttermilk is a healthy drink for psoriasis patient. It also cleans the toxic substance within the stomach and helps in digestion. This is one of the useful home remedies for psoriasis.

Vitamin E-rich food

It is also found that Vitamin E-rich food is good for patients suffering from psoriasis. Some of the Vitamin E-rich food is spinach, almond oil, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, and wheat germs.

Karela (Bitter gourd) Juice

Juice extracted from bitter gourd is an effective home remedy for the psoriasis treatment. Patient suffering from psoriasis should take 1-2 cup of bitter gourd juice in empty stomach in the morning. Continue this for 5-6 months. Patient may add a tablespoon of lime juice, if found difficult to digest the bitter taste. This is one of the best home remedies for psoriasis.

Lecithin seeds

Lecithin seeds are another effective home remedy for the treatment of psoriasis. Take 3-4 tablespoon of lecithin seeds every day for 2-3 month. This has a magical effect and shows great result within 2-3 months.

(Til) Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are good for the treatment of various skin-related diseases. Take 15-20 sesame seeds and soak in a glass of water. Keep it overnight and drink in empty stomach early in the morning. This is one of the important home remedies for psoriasis.
Other vegetable seeds important for the psoriasis treatment are sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

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