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शुक्रवार, 4 मार्च 2016

Infertility - Emotional impact
        Most people take their fertility for granted.
Infact a common complaint from individuals and couples when they have difficulty conceiving is " we were so careful to avoid pregnancy until we were ready."

         Couple go in short order from an assumption of assured fertility to one of absolute dismay at what is experienced as unfair and wholly unexpected Infertility.

          The intensively painful experience of finding oneself defined as infertile leads to feelings of isolation and guilt and the inevitable questions: " why me ?" .

           Guilt may b as a primary response common to many couples diagnosed with infertility : guilt about waiting too long to start a family, guilt about previous life events such as pregnancy termination.
In addition to the emotional impact of Infertility are the rigorous, expensive and often humiliating demands of medical treatment.

        Some patients jokingly say , " I have learned more about the reproductive system than I ever imagined I would need to," whereas for others the treatment regimens are confusing and difficult to understand.
All results in stress depression and anxiety , loss of self confidence , loss health etc.
Dr Rupali Mahadik
MD ( Streerog )
Amrutwel Women's Clinic

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