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बुधवार, 10 अगस्त 2011

Azadirachta indica - Nimba

Vernacular names

  Bengali             Nim
  English             Neem, Margosa
  Gujarati:           Limdo -લીમદો 
  Hindi:                Balnimb, नीम neem, निम्ब nimb
  Kannada:          Bevu
  Konkani:           Kadu Neem -कडुनीम 
  Malayalam:      Aryaveppu, Vepp
  Marathi:            Kadunimba - कडूनिंब,  Kadulimba -कडूलिंब 
  Rajasthani:       Nimkauli
  Sanskrit:           Nimba, निम्बक nimbak, पिचुमर्द -Pichumarda
  Tamil:                Veppali, Vembu
  Telugu:              Vepa
  Urdu:                  Neem - نيم 

Ayurvedic Properties
Rasa           - Tikta & Kashaya
Guna          -  Laghy (Light)
Veerya        -  Sheetha (Cold)
Vipaka        -  Katu (Pungent)
Karma        -  Blood purifier, Anti- in flammatory, Anti- parasitic,Antiseptic                         
 -       Agnikrut, Netryam, Kushtanut, Bhedanam, Mehanut, Hrudyam.

Medicinal Properties
Nimba pacifies pitta, good for skin disease, eczema, fever, wound, ulcer, tumor, worms, cough, diabetes, inflammation and arthiritis

Parts Used
All the parts are used – root, rootbark, stem bark, flowers, Leaves, Twigs, Seed, Oil, Neem cake

·      The bark is used in intermittent and remittent fevers, general debility and convalescence. It is a reputed blood-purifier and hence it is given as a specific in cased of skin diseases (Kushta), Vaararakta, and other disease the blood.

·      The tender leaves ground into mass with pepper and salt are given as carminative an anthelmintic and in skin diseases

·      The twigs are used as toothbrush – Neem is an excellent antiseptic for teeth and gums.

·      The Juice of the leave is used with honey in kamala or jaundice and worms.

·      The seeds are anthelmintic and alternative

·      The oil extracted from it is better in, anthelmintic and stimulant and has a specific action in skin diseases.

·      Soaps, Shamoopoo, Toothpaste and come facial products are in makrert with the oil and extract base

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