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सोमवार, 2 नवंबर 2015

"PANCHAKARMA”.. A preparatory groundwork for conception...

A preparatory groundwork for conception.....
Panchakarma is a foremost set of treatment modalities in Ayurveda, which includes Vaman (induced emesis), Virechan (induced Purgation with oral medicines), Basti (Rectal administration of various formulations in the form of enema), Nasya (Administration of medicines through nasal route), Raktomokshan (Removing specific quantity of blood from the body).
These treatments are also termed as “Shuddhi-kriya” which means these treatments eliminate the toxic metabolites from the body. In short, Panchakarma helps to clean and detoxify the functional systems of the body.
This empowers immunity to such a level that pregnant woman will hardly become victim of any disease. It is indeed very essential as there are very limited medicinal preparations considered safe in pregnancy.
Secondly, sperm is like a guest in female body. As we beautify the house for any guest, decorate flowerpots, change the curtains and bed sheets, make the house neat and tidy, same thing should be followed in welcoming this guest. The meeting of sperm with oocyte (formation of zygote) becomes exceptionally pleasant when the guest is also well dressed, polite, joyful in nature and free from any disease.
In spite of experiencing regular bowel, urine etc., is it still necessary to clean the system before planning for conception?
The answer is 'YES'. We clean and mop the house daily. When a special cleaning campaign during festival or any special occasion is undertaken, we notice a huge amount of dirt accumulated behind the furniture, odd places and corners of the house. If this special cleaning is not done periodically, the entire atmosphere remains dull and the long-term ill effects are experienced thereafter. Thus, the importance of Panchakarma is unquestionable with respect to pregnancy.
Manoj Anant Joshi

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