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सोमवार, 3 सितंबर 2012


(Chikitsa Patraka)

Prescription writing is an art. It is an important document that if written properly, contains a lot of vital information about the disease, diagnosis, and the treatment advsied to the patient. You need to master the art of prescription writing. Here are several important suggestions - 

1. Name of the patient (Naam);
2. Age/sex of the patient (Vayas/Linga);
3. Place to which the belongs (Desha);
4. Complaints (Vedna);
5. The findings on general physical examination (Samanya Pariksha);
6. The findings on systemic examination (Srotas Pariksha);
7. Brief record of the investigation reports (Vishesha Pariksha);
8. The treatment the patient is undergoing/has undergone (Purva/Vartaman Chikitsa);
9. Any medicine(s) to which the patient is sensitive (Asatmya);
10. Provisional/Final Diagnosis (Nidana);
11. The treatment advised (Chikitsa); and
12. The do's and don'ts for the patient (Pathya-apathya).

1. Be systematic while recording all the points mentioned above.
2. Write clearly that the patient, his attendants, chemist, etc. can read easily.
3. Be brief and to the point. Avoid going into unwanted detail.
4. Your prescription pad should have all the necessary information about your name, degree(s), the clinic address, the clinic timings, the closing days, etc.

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