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शनिवार, 4 जून 2011

MEDICAL DIRECTOR, MD in Kayachikitsa / Rasa shastra Required

 Qualification BAMS (Master Degree in Kayachikitsa/ Rasashatra)

Exp: 5 to 6 Yrs Minimum.
Reporting to -CMD
Job Description of a Medical Director
To develop, coordinate and supervise staff within the department and between other departments.
To supervise evaluation and management of clinical practices within the department and in other department
One of the important aspects of medical director job descriptions is to ensure that there is adequate staff with appropriate training in the department, and exceptional customer service that provides quality health care.
A medical director is also in charge of assigning and reviewing the work of the staff of his department.
Providing for and recommending selections, promotions, awards, and corrective actions as is needed within the department. This is done by participating in the production of setting performance standards for the staff and then monitoring, assessing, reviewing and evaluating employee performance based on these established standards.
A medical director supporting, communicating and facilitating corporate wide employee programs and policies like pay policies, working overtime policies, etc.
A medical director also has the duty of providing clear and brief verbal and written instructions regarding running the department to ensure that they are understood.
To ensure that department staffs are kept up to date on any changes that are occurring regarding the working style of the department or the pay pattern.
A medical director is also supposed to listen and ask for feedback from staff and patient. Effective interpersonal communication of utmost importance and it is a mandatory requirement for a person who wishes to fully comply.
To listen for clues on whether the patient needs any additional assistance in understanding the treatment plan or clearing any doubts that he may have regarding the treatment plan.
A medical director has to counsel and instruct patients and family members either directly or with the help of a recommendation whichever is more suited to the requirement at that point of time. He needs to adjust his communication style so as to fit the receiver of the message.
Proper usage of the computer system so as to get necessary patient information, order required laboratory tests and to check messages.
To ensure the efficient and effective flow of patient throughout the Clinics, while also ensuring that they are being properly treated and taken care for.
To get involved and spread any situation that involves nervous, confused, scared or emotional patients and family members. He needs to be patient with them and reassure them that the treatment being offered is the best available treatment.
His duty to resolve any kind of argument or misunderstanding between the medical staff. Related to be a disagreement over the diagnosis or the treatment plan In such cases, it is important to agreeably resolve the dispute in the best interests of the staff and the patient at heart with appropriate support and evidence.
To ensure that a safe work environment for the staff is maintained by keeping a clean work environment, including adequate supplies and upkeep of unit and equipment. He also needs to update employees on health records and assist in disaster planning and other such activities that the staff and organization may have to face.
To take active part in research development activities like Kits/product development and our Integrated Therapies.
Implementation of Books/Magazine/presentation in our Seminar and Events.
Innovation in medical field and its implementation with proper projection in relates to patients better record.
Contact Person: Mrs.Surbhi Chavan.(HR Dept), Contact No.: +91 9892058885.
Contact Details: +91-022-25185708
Address: AA-60, Kailas Industrial Complex, Vikhroli (W),Mumbai 400079

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