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मंगलवार, 9 अक्तूबर 2012

Ayurveda as a Solution to a Healthier Lifestyle

Ayurveda as a Solution to a Healthier Lifestyle

The word ‘ayurveda’ means the study of life. It focuses on healthy living. In a broader sense it provides guidance for prevention of a disease by establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us.

It is a system that believes in a collective approach towards the mind, body and soul for better living.

How many of us follow the concept of better living? The modern world has brought us loads of conveniences. We think big and dream big. We have all the possible luxuries but how often do we cherish them? We live in a highly competitive era, which sounds like this-

When I wake up
The night is gone
The lane close to me
Has awakened earlier than me

As part of my daily chores
I get into my professional attire
And rush to take the bus
All that is on my mind is work 
And just work
I eat not when I should be
But when time permits me

As each day passes
And we are bound by time
With no place for leisure
I sometimes wonder
What is it that is completely mine?

Our lives have become more stressful and complex. Dealing with mounting crises on a professional level; we do not devote time to our loved ones. This is not just my story, but holds true for all those who are out to prove our worth in this fast paced world. The resultant is life-threatening diseases occurring at an earlier age, not able to cope with stress, irritability and aggressiveness.

Have we ever thought of seeking advice on how to live better? Escaping by blaming the lack of time is not going to make us healthier. Planning and securing our future in terms of life insurance and mediclaims is great, but it doesn’t help us be healthier either.

We need to develop a holistic approach towards life. Ayurveda can help us achieve this. It is a system of healing that has its origins in India and has evolved over 5000 years. It is based on accordance with the laws of nature. The fundamentals of Ayurveda revolve around the ‘tridosha theory’ of vata, pitta and kapha. These three universal energies regulate all natural processes on earth. It is astonishing how even ones lifestyle needs are explained in Ayurveda based on constitutional types.

Yet another concept is ‘the agni concept’. Agni, meaning fire, is that source that stimulates all the biological processes of life. It helps in the transformation of one substance into another. Ayurveda attributes the etiology of all diseases to indigestion. The key function of agni is to promote digestion. When agni is healthy within ones body, one will be physiologically active, which includes good digestion, circulation, secretion of hormones, sharpened mental faculties, etc.

As mentioned above,

I eat not when I should be
But when time permits me

In this scenario, the agni within our body becomes unhealthy. It is not ready to perform its function. This results in undigested food that forms an internal toxin, a substance called ‘ama’ in the ancient system of medicine. If proper attention is not given during this phase, then the ‘ama’ can spread throughout the body causing disease.

Ayurveda tells us that we need not wait till a disease develops within us. It gives in-depth knowledge about the pre-signs and symptoms before the development of a disease. It is human tendency not to pay heed to these minor signs because of work pressures.

Often we hear that people are prone to specific illnesses during a particular season. It is interesting to learn that seasonal guidelines are provided in this science to keep all those unwanted ailments at bay. Not only does it offer dietary specifications but also guidelines to be followed in terms of sleeping habits, exercise and type of massage oils. For instance, during summer one needs to eat sweet, bitter and unctuous foods with a cooling effect on the body. It also advises sleep during the daytime in this season, not in any others.

Following Ayurvedic principles is not difficult. More and more individuals are moving toward nature for a better and healthier life. When it comes to health, there should be no wait and watch period. Simple modifications in our habits can help us enjoy our lives so much more.

For a more balanced, harmonious, and satisfying way of living the Ayurvedic approach is a great solution.

DrSantosh M Tengli

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